May 31, 2022|

JD618’s Pre-Orders Delivered Major Sales Increases for Big Brands


by Vivian Yang

During the pre-order phase of this year’s 618 Grand Promotion from 8 p.m. on May 23 to midnight of the 29, sales of a number of big brands exceeded RMB 100 million yuan, such as Xiaomi, Haier, Lenovo, Huawei, Midea and more.

The official 618 Grand Promotion sales phase will start at 8 p.m. on May 31 and last until June 20, during which JD’s customers can purchase their pre-ordered products to enjoy discounts and worry-free shopping services including same or next-day delivery service.

JD’s data during the past six days revealed that the “post-95” generation showed rising spending power with pre-order sales up 75 percent YoY. Meanwhile, the product variety offered on during this year’s shopping festival increased 20 percent and a robust demand is seen from China’s sixth-tier cities with over 100 percent growth YoY.

Sales of the home appliances category as a whole rose by 200 percent YoY, while order volume of new products tripled. Trade-in service is a popular way for upgrading electronics products, with the number of shoppers using this service to order their new phones increasing by 200 percent YoY during the pre-sale period.

Digital products that facilitate working from home are in high demand. Sales of tablets, home use printers, and mechanical keyboards increased 100, 170 and 400 percent respectively.

With the trend of consumption upgrade continuing, Chinese consumers show strong interest in high-quality cross-border products. During the pre-order period, sales of fresh products increased 100 percent, and JD’s first-party healthcare products increased 140 percent.

In the same pursuit of premier food, fresh products with geographical identification (GI) are gaining greater attention. For example, orders of large yellow croakers from Ningde of Fujian province increased 5 times, and orders of sea cucumbers from Dalian of Liaoning province grew tenfold.

In the healthcare category, the overall order volume on JD Health grew by 186 percent YoY. The number of products joining the pre-order period increased by 219 percent. Deposits for body fat measurers increased 576 percent YoY, and that of Bio Island’s DHA for kids grew 10 times, becoming the biggest “dark horse” during JD Health’s pre-order period.

More and more customers are getting used to online ordering for offline services. Orders of automobile products with installation services on increased 240 percent YoY, among which tire-changing service orders is up by 135 percent; furniture with installation service orders increased 127 percent, and travel orders are up by 110 percent on

JD’s latest omni-channel store, the J Shop, attracted 50 percent more merchants to participate in this year’s shopping festival, who together brought double the amount of products in the fashion and lifestyle categories. During the pre-order phase, the J Shop channel presented over a hundred best-sellers from an array of big brands from home and abroad, such as SK-II gift boxes, Arman Men’s T-shirts, and Lancôme’s anti-aging serum, just to name a few.

More than 20 brands under JD Luxury reached over 100 percent sales growth month over month, including Tory Burch, MCM, Chopard, and more. BVLGARI’s daily sales on JD Luxury during the past six days quadrupled its average amount. The top 3 Swiss watches are from Longines, Tissot and MIDO, with Longines’ sales increasing by 160 percent YoY.

The theme of this year’s 618 Grand Promotion is “Responsible Supply Chain”.  JD Retail’s CEO Lijun Xin said earlier at the shopping festival’s kickoff press conference that “JD618 is not only a bellwether for China’s consumption market in the first half of the year, the event also shoulders new missions and more responsibilities; that is, to do our utmost to support the vibrant life of the people through our secured supplies of goods and services, both online and offline.”