Nov 25, 2020|

JDD Series: JD Releases Jinghui Digital Supply Chain Platform to Power Digitalization of Enterprises


by Yuchuan Wang

During’s fourth annual tech summit JD Discovery (JDD) held online and offline in Beijing today, the company released the “Jinghui Digital Supply Chain Platform”, which provides full-scenario solutions for enterprises on supply chain management, especially in the area of supply chain design, supply chain planning and supply chain execution, covering the industries of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive aftermarket, home appliance and more.

With increasing complexity of the relations between demand and supply, and accelerated by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises are keen to upgrade their supply chain to be intelligent and digitalized.

Managing 6 million SKUs (stock-keeping-units) with turnover days of 34.3 (which is one of the lowest among the top global retailers), JD will help enterprises improve their supply chain efficiency and reduce costs through the opening up of Jinghui. Leveraging advanced algorithms and a smart decision-making model, Jinghui provides services from big data, network optimization, intelligent forecasting to intelligent replenishment, allocation and intelligent supply chain execution.

Leveraging the Jinghui platform across a network of 24 warehouses and hundreds of stores in China, Amway China was able to lower the logistics costs of finished goods by 10%, increase the online-availability to 99.5% and reduce turnover days by 40%.

“Our leading algorithm experts have been in the industry for decades,” said Bing Fu, head of strategy at JD Logistics (JDL). “JD’s leading software products and experienced operational capabilities, as well as its huge base of industrial, logistics and commodity big data ensure that we provide scientific supply chain management solutions for enterprises.”