Aug 13, 2021|

JDDJ, JD Beauty and Sephora Collaborate to Deliver Cosmetics Products Within One Hour


Dada Group (Nasdaq: DADA), China’s leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, today announced that JD Daojia (JDDJ) and Sephora China, the world’s leading beauty retailer under LVMH, have established a close partnership to provide more consumers with convenient one-hour shopping services. The move marks a new milestone for JDDJ in further expanding reach beyond grocery to provide consumers with more high-quality beauty products.

JD Daojia (JDDJ) and Sephora China

When consumers order via the JDDJ application or mini program, beauty products are delivered from the nearest Sephora store within one hour by Dada Now’s riders. As of now, over 70 Sephora stores in China have launched on the JDDJ platform, covering first and second tier cities.

Based on Dada Group’s partnership with, these Sephora stores will be simultaneously online with By the end of 2021, all Sephora stores in China will be integrated both on JDDJ and

Moreover, JDDJ collaborates with JD Beauty to support Sephora in its omni-channel retail, and to jointly build a new on-demand retail model of cosmetics brands. JDDJ will assist in products management, digital marketing, targeted user operations, and order fulfillment optimization, and provides an integrated O2O retail solution. With a large base of consumers with strong consumption power, JD Beauty can provide powerful advertising and help the brand reach more consumers.

At present, over 3,400 beauty stores have launched on JDDJ. The platform has also established partnerships with Watsons, Gialen, Innisfree, THE COLORIST, and WOW COLOUR, creating a high-density and large-scale beauty supply network with beauty brands and chain retailers. During the recent 618 Shopping Festival, China’s major mid-year online shopping event from June 1 to 18, sales of beauty products on JDDJ increased by more than double when compared to the same period last year.