Dec 22, 2020|

JDD’s Efforts to Help Pandemic-hit Farmers Acknowledged


by Martin Li

JD Digits (JDD)’s technology-based efforts to help pandemic-hit farmers have been acknowledged in a thank-you letter from the agriculture administration in Guanghan, Sichuan province.

JDD spent only three days building an online trading platform for the largest baby fowl market in southwest China during the Chinese New Year in February, when the market was closed due to the pandemic.

Powered by technologies like AI, the platform connected supplies and buyers, helping sell

more than six million baby fowls worth over RMB 12 million yuan.

In another effort, JDD helped build a digital operation center in Guanghan to use big data to analyze target customers of the city’s main agricultural produce.

One of the beneficiaries was a local food company selling specialties like preserved rabbit. The company was forced to go online due to the pandemic but initially failed because it lacked knowledge and information of market demands.

The digital operation center provided the company’s owner Chenhui Guo with e-commerce training and helped him spot of the preferences of different age groups. Guo sold his products on JD and achieved total sales of around RMB 10 million yuan within one year.

With the help of the center, 22 local brands have seen sales of their 102 products increase 19 times, compared with last year.