Sep 16, 2020|

JDer Lab #5 with Horst Wang: Space and Opportunities for Personal Career Growth


by Ella Kidron

Horst Wang, who currently works in’s international business division, had no idea he would be given so much responsibility when he joined the company three years ago as a fresh graduate . He recalled, “I was told by my director that I’d be in charge of an overseas project. Although I’m fresh and new [to the company], JD [would still] give me enough space and opportunities to achieve my career plans.” It solidified his choice to join JD. “That’s the time I knew I made the right decision,” he said proudly.



The project ended up coming to fruition after a lot of hard work, and Wang has no regrets. On the press conference day to announce the project, he was able to see both his and all his team’s work come to life. “All the tough days in the past [are] my treasured memories.”

Another aspect of JD that attracts Wang is the dynamism of the company. “JD is a huge group with billions in business, but [the company] will still keep its agility” when facing challenges or new competitors. It will really stay agile to change.” Wang was impressed by JD’s  bold approach to change that is different from other companies.

As for his fellow JDers, Wang is inspired by the fact that they are open-minded and have ambitions for their career paths. “They always long to change, improvement, and of course achievement,” he said.

The interview with Wang is the fifth in JD’s JDer Lab video series of casual chats with fellow JDers about why they joined JD, provide a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work at the company, and discuss what they are looking forward to. JDer Lab episodes are released on Wednesday evenings (China time) on’s official LinkedIn page. They are also available on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.