Sep 16, 2020|

JD Opens Home Appliance Flagship Store in Lower-tier City in Anhui


by Ling Cao

JD has opened the doors of its first home appliance flagship store in Bengbu, a fourth-tier city in Anhui province, a move that is in line with JD’s strategy to open 300 home appliance flagship stores in prefectural-level cities on a one-city-one-store basis by 2025. Sales in the store reached RMB 45 million yuan between August 28th to September 14th, making it the city’s most popular home appliance and electronics shopping place.

Unlike traditional home appliance stores, JD’s new store in Bengbu aims to go beyond retail. The store will also include entertainment zones for testing the store’s products through activities like cooking, driving go-karts, piloting a drone to take photos, and more.

“We’re trying to create a relaxed environment that encourages customers to try things out and enjoy themselves in the process of finding products that meet their needs, instead of purchasing only based on a dry recommendation from a salesperson,” said Naiqing Tong, head of the Bengbu store.

The test-before-purchase concept is consistent with the consumption philosophy of younger generations today, and has resulted in a customer base of mostly people in their 20s, Tong said.

In addition to a unique experience, the store also offers reasonably priced products ranging from high-end home appliances, to more affordable options including refrigerators and washing machines under RMB 1,000 yuan, and more.

Ms. Chang, a customer at the store, told store manager, “I saved several thousand yuan recently on a purchase of home appliance sets totaling around RMB 40,000 yuan. I got big discounts, and colorful products!”

JD provides full refunds within 7 days, or within 30 days for valid complaints, ensuring a best-in-class customer experience.