Oct 14, 2020|

JDer Lab #9 with Peipei Fan: A Management Trainee’s Growth Path


JDer Lab #8 with Peipei Fan: A Management Trainee’s Growth Path

by Ella Kidron

JD.com’s more than 280,000 employees range from warehouse workers to nation-renowned doctors, with a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise. In the eighth installment of the JDer Lab series, we speak JDer Peipei Fan about how her experience at JD has given her the chance to innovate and even change lives in the process.






Peipei joined JD six years ago as a management trainee. Today, she is in the company’s international business group. She explains, “There are many things I’m proud of, but this year is special.” With the global COVID-19 outbreak, Peipei and the international business team coordinated to deliver epidemic prevention materials to some less-developed countries like Nigeria, leveraging JD’s supply chain, procurement and logistics strengths. “We helped people there to get more protection. Although our strength is limited, when people in the world need help, we always do our best to protect them.”For Peipei, another thing that really stands out to her about the JD experience is the fact that all JD employees really roll up their sleeves and get to work during the June 18th Grand Promotion (6.18) and Singles Day (November 11th). “No matter executives or ordinary employees, old or new, we all get the chance to go on the frontlines to experience our real logistics fulfillment process in the warehouse or distribution center.” She looks at it as a time to both help out and learn. “I think this opportunity is quite precious. It gives us a chance to constantly know ourselves and makes us always keep our original intention in mind.”

Connecting with colleagues has also been a highlight of her experience. Having had the opportunity to work with many business groups during her rotations, she recognizes that JDers may come from all walks of life, but in their hearts, they’re all the same. “When [JDers] are doing the same thing, they all have the same goal and same dreams. Like our team – we are clear about what we are going to do in the next few years and we love what we are doing, and what we will do in the future.” This clarity of purpose keeps them going, even when they face challenges. “I think that is the reason we gather together creating the impossible and moving forward.”