Mar 10, 2021|

JD’s Asia No.1 Boosts Economic Development of Rural Area


by Yuchuan Wang

Located in the southeast of Shenyang, Maizitun (literally means Village of Wheat) is a fast-growing logistics hub. Thousands of fully-loaded trucks drive in and out of this village every day. It’s hard to imagine that 10 years ago, Maizitun was a small village relying heavily on farming.

After launched one of its “Asia No.1” logistics parks in 2010, a project aiming to build the largest scale and most advanced network of e-commerce logistics centers in Asia, more and more logistics companies have established their businesses in Maizitun. The area has become the logistics hub for the southern Shenyang area.

Rongjun Chen, a local villager working as a picker at this warehouse has observed the transformation since he joined the company in 2015. “JD has changed many people’s lives here, allowing farmers to transform into blue, and even white collar workers.”

Born in 1993, Chen oversees more than 60 picking AGVs (automated ground vehicles) at JD for a warehousing area of 5,000 square meters, stocking nearly 10,000 different kinds of beauty products. The AGVs can recognize QR codes on the floor for route planning, which enables pickers to pick about 250 orders per hour each – three times the efficiency of a traditional picking approach.

“I used to walk miles a day to pick goods from the shelves,” said Chen. “With AGVs, I just need to be with the work station. And I’m no longer the champion in among my WeChat group friends feeding for stepping.”

In addition to operating the robots, Chen is learning how to maintain and fix them. “Technology is developing day by day. I need to learn in advance so that I can keep up with the pace of change.”

Like Chen, hundreds of Maizitun villagers are working in this park, from forklift operators to truck drivers and from sorters to couriers. Several real estate companies are building commercial and residential compounds in the village, and more and more local people’s lives have been changed by enterprises launched here one after another.

JD is operating 28 Asia No.1 logistics parks in China. The project provided numerous jobs, linking rural areas with fast delivery of global products and boosting the economy in vast rural areas.

“When you can find a stable job and stay with your family instead of going far away, you feel happy,” said Chen. Among JD’s frontline employees, over 200,000 are from rural areas, and 80,000 staff are able to work in their hometowns.