Mar 10, 2021|

JD: Supporting Rural Revitalization will be a Long-Term Project


by Rachel Liu

JD Fresh will continue to support farmers and the agricultural industry in the long term, helping over 1 million farmers achieve an income increase of over 50% in three years.

JD Fresh has been supporting China’s agricultural industry belts and rural areas to develop iconic local agricultural products and leverage its platform to sell products to customers all over the country. As of October 2020, JD has sold 1.3 million kinds of agricultural products for a total of 300 million items, and increased the income of 1 million farmers.

JD Fresh now has over 1,000 “Local Specialties Pavilion” stores selling over 600,000 agricultural products. JD’s cold chain for fresh food covers nearly 300 cities. It has jointly developed popular agricultural products such as “running chicken”, “swimming duck,” “flying pigeon,” “running mountain pig” and more with rural governments and industry belts. Wuyi of Hebei province, where JD’s “running chicken” project was first developed, was awarded for its contribution to poverty alleviation in February of this year.

The “running mountain pigs” that grow in Yuquan Mountain, Heilongjiang province achieved the fastest growth of sales in the pork category on JD. JD built a playground specially to allow the pigs to have enough exercise, and in this way, the pork is of less fat and widely welcomed by high-end customers. Besides pork, JD also helped local farmers develop other pork-based products, such as dumpling fillings and sausage, which received 98% positive reviews on JD.

Going forward, as a company that focuses on supply chain and technology, JD wants to upgrade its previous model to support rural areas, and will build a mechanism for local farmers to achieve continuous income growth.