Apr 26, 2021|

JD’s Autonomous Delivery Robots Won Two Red Dot Awards


by Yuchuan Wang

JD announces on Apr. 26th that its logistics autonomous delivery vehicle and indoor delivery robot have been selected as the winner of the 2021 Red Dot Award: Product Design and the winner in the “smart product” category.

“We aim to design a highly autonomous vehicle for public road operation and mass products. Our autonomous delivery vehicle is used in urban delivery scenarios to bring a convenient experience for consumers,” said Qi Kong, Chief Scientist of Autonomous Driving at JD Logistics. “We hope that it is integrated with the city and can help form a network of intelligent terminals to enable residents enjoy its intelligence and convenience.”

The design of the two products is guided by the concept of “handling complexity with simplicity”, aiming simple and high tech design in which offers a friendly user experience.

Autonomous delivery vehicleAutonomous delivery vehicle

The autonomous delivery vehicle is used for urban last-mile delivery. It drives itself, unsupervised from JD’s delivery station loaded with parcels and plans its own route based on the delivery address of each parcel. In Changshu, where JD announced its plan to help the city build smart city based on smart delivery, over one fifth of JD’s delivery stations have adopted the vehicle in daily operations.

Indoor delivery robotIndoor delivery robot

The indoor delivery robot is a derivative of the vehicle and specializes in delivering in buildings. It can communicate with elevators and plan its route automatically.

The prize, established in 1955 in Germany, is awarded to the best products of the year across a number of categories. Among the winners in 2021 are many major brands including Bose, Google, Lenovo, Philips, Sony and more.

All of the award-winning products will be published online on Jun. 21, 2021 at www.red-dot.org.