Feb 23, 2021|

JD’s Champion Wang: Little Actions, Big Impact


by Ella Kidron

When Wang Guanjun (王冠军), a 33 year-old JD Logistics delivery courier, informed the residents in the compound he covers in Beijing he was returning home just before Spring Festival, he never could’ve imagined what would happen next.

Wang (who hit the name lottery with the last name “Wang” which means king and “Guanjun” which means champion) has served as a courier at the Jinyu Huafu (金域华府) compound in Huilongguan in Beijing’s Changping district for five years. Thanks to the relentless attention and care he puts into his craft, Wang, has become a member of the “big family”, to the residents he serves.

This year would be the first that Wang has been home for the Chinese New Year since he started working at the compound five years ago. Residents did not take the mere thought of his absence lightly, and his story quickly went viral.

Upon his return to the compound on Feb. 19, Wang arrived to a homecoming like no other. The residents hosted an elaborate ceremony for him and awarded him with a certificate for his service. This is not the first time he has been recognized by the residents. In 2017, a group of mothers in the compound organized to give him a “most popular courier” award. JD Logistics has named the delivery station he serves as “Wang Guanjun Station,” in honor of his contribution.

Wang Guanjun holds certificate naming him “The Honorary Resident of Jinyu Guoji Community” given to him by the resident committee of the compound he serves

Wang told Chinese media: “I honestly never could have imagined that going home for Chinese New Year this time would attract so much attention.” He added that seeing the residents discussing him in their WeChat group and on their WeChat moments  made him feel a great sense of responsibility. “This deep love made me feel incredibly moved, and has motivated me to work even harder,” he said.

Residents welcome Wang Guanjun “home”

Wang, like many JD couriers around China, is known affectionately as “Uncle Guanjun” (冠军叔叔) by the children in the compound. In fact, the children of one family surprised him with an intricately drawn comic book of him when he arrived at their doorstep. Wang embodies the spirit of what it means to be a JDer – to go above and beyond the call of duty to be of service. He may have underestimated his contribution, but his residents did not. He touched their hearts, and in turn they have also touched his.