Feb 23, 2021|

“JD Citywide Shopping” Service increased 180% YoY during CNY


by Rachel Liu

JD data shows that during the Chinese New Year Grand Promotion, “JD Citywide Shopping” service, JD’s omnichannel fulfillment program which provides instant delivery, increased 180% YoY.

JD announced on Feb.9 that it will provide omnichannel shopping and one-hour delivery service throughout the national holiday. Customers have high demand for fresh food and daily use products during Spring Festival, and many of them chose to use the one-hour delivery service provided by JD. Together with JDDJ (JD Daojia) and over 20,000 supermarkets around China, JD has largely increased the categories of products and shortened delivery speed.

“This year’s spring festival is a little special for us because of the pandemic,” said Mr. Wang , a customer who lives in Beijing. “We try not to go to crowded supermarkets or stores, and JD’s one-hour delivery service is very convenient. The products are all from large chain supermarkets, and delivery is fast. We bought most of the fresh food and cleaning products through [the service] during the holiday.”

JD also provided health-related products, such as medicines and PPE with one-hour delivery through JD Health.

The couriers that provide one-hour delivery service received multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing to ensure the safety of delivery.

“We will further expand the one-hour delivery service and make ourselves to be customers’ first choice,” said a spokesperson of JD Citywide Shopping.