Aug 31, 2020|

JD’s Gift to the “Heroic Civilian”: The Bill Is On Us


by Ella Kidron

This past Qixi Festival (also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day), had a special surprise in store for Mr. Tang, of Beijing’s Xicheng District: his entire bill paid in full.

Mr. Tang, who is affectionately known across social media as “Xicheng Uncle” (西城大爷) came out of the hospital just a month ago having contracted COVID-19 and now recovered. His sharp recollection of everywhere he had been including the Xinfadi wholesale market, as well as the 38 people he had been in close contact with, played an integral role in rapid closure of the market and control over the second wave of the coronavirus in Beijing.

JD courier delivering home appliances to Mr. Tang

On August 23rd, Mr. Tang mentioned to the media his plan to donate plasma to the hospital to support the recovery of other patients from the pandemic. According to Chinese media reports, at that time Mr. Tang also showed the reporter photos of several appliances he’d bought for his wife on JD for the upcoming Qixi holiday.

Upon learning about Mr. Tang’s plan, the very next day, JD mobilized its supply chain network to give Mr. Tang a Qixi he wouldn’t forget. When the appliances arrived at his door on August 25th, the day of the Qixi holiday, Mr. Tang was informed that his bill had been paid in full. In addition, JD’s fresh flower business delivered a special bouquet of flowers to Mr. Tang, in appreciation of his heroic civilian efforts. Both Tang and his wife, who have a new appreciation for the preciousness of life after what they have gone through, were highly appreciative of the gesture.

Mr. Tang receives flower bouquet from JD courier

Mr. Tang said: “These fresh flowers are a completely unexpected surprise. When I was in the hospital, my wife was concerned about my health all the time and basically didn’t get a good single-night’s sleep. After I was discharged from the hospital, she also took good care of me. Please  allow me to borrow this bouquet of flowers from JD to thank her for her constant service. In the futre, I will cherish my family more and live a life of more gratitude.”

He added: “Over the years, I have become accustomed to buying home appliances on because the quality is guaranteed, the price is favorable and the service is very good. So this time I took advantage of JD’s promotion to place an order for these home appliances. Unexpectedly my order was paid in full… It was a really pleasant surprise.”