Apr 6, 2022|

JD’s Sales of VR/AR Gear Surge as the Retail Metaverse is Heating Up


by Doris Liu

Sales of AR and VR hardware devices on JD.com surged more than six times year-on-year (YOY) in the first two months of the year, with a high level of user attention. A recent report predicts 15.73 million VR headsets will be shipped worldwide in 2022, up 43.6 percent YOY.

The global market for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets rose 92.1 percent YOY in 2021 with shipments of 11.23 million units, according to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC). IDC believes the holiday season was a major driver as about half the annual volume were shipped during the fourth quarter.

IDC said there has been a substantial improvement in terms of hardware devices, technology level and content ecology when compared to five years ago. Moreover, driven by the metaverse concept, the pace of new AR/VR product launches has accelerated in recent years, and hardware manufacturers have further increased their investment in content ecology construction.

JD.com offers many exclusive services for new AR and VR products including a worry-free 30-day trial, which meet the diversified needs of users. During a promotion event held for special purchases of computer and digital products for the 2022 Spring Festival, the sales volume of Chinese VR headsets maker Pico were up 7 times YOY.

The market for AR and VR technology and related smart hardware is promising, with applications not only in video watching, gaming and social networking, but also in real estate, education and healthcare, etc. JD sees the opportunity and will continue to work with brands for better sales with its quality service capabilities and omni-channel advantages.