Feb 22, 2022|

Journalists Visit JD.com on Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Media Tour


by Xiaoqian Han and Mengyang He

Sixty-two journalists from 38 international and Chinese media outlets visited JD.com on a Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics media tour on February 18, taking a close look at the headquarters, JD SEVEN FRESH supermarket, and the JD Asia No. 1 Beijing Intelligent Logistics Park.

This event was organized by 2022 Beijing Press Center, under the theme of “New Atmosphere of the Dual Olympic City”. The Asia No. 1 Beijing Logistics Park opened in 2017 and spans over 120,000 square meters. As of September, 2021, a total of 41 Asia No. 1 Logistics Parks are in operation across China, each equipped with an independently built shuttle system, AGV (automated ground vehicles), and high-speed sorting system, which represents the cutting-edge technology JD possessed in the process of fulfillment.

JD Asia No. 1 Beijing Logistics Park

The JD Asia No. 1 Beijing Logistics Park adopts automation technologies and robots in the supply chain to enable workers to finish 250 orders per hour, which is three times faster than before. Additionally, this park deploys over 330 vehicle AGVs to process over 800,000 orders each day.

Journalists taking pictures of JD’s unmanned delivery vehicle in front of SEVEN FRESH

The journalists also stopped by JD SEVEN FRESH supermarket, which was launched in 2017 to provide consumers with immediate and high-quality retail services via omni-channel. Changfeng Zhang, JD SEVEN FRESH store manager at Dazu Plaza, explained in an interview that “unmanned delivery vehicles are one of key applications of SEVEN FRESH in delivering goods from stores to consumers.” With the new business model and ecosystem of the SEVEN FRESH, JD gave the press corps a solid story of how the company had combined digital technology with real economy.

Hui Liu, Director of Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute of JD.com, speaks to visiting journalists

The tour ended at JD.com’s headquarters, where it showcased the self-service area, unmanned convenient store, JD’s robotic technology, and more. “The sales of winter sports gear have surged significantly during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics period, as ice and snow equipment turnover climbed by 107 percent year-on-year, garment turnover by 99 percent, and winter sports safety gear by 41 percent,” noted Hui Liu, director of Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute of JD.com. In front of the big screen at the command center of JD.com, journalists had the chance to view the nationwide real-time number of order placements. A reporter from Hong Kong commented, “At here I can feel the high enthusiasm of customers in China and the strong dynamic of Chinese economy.”


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