Sep 9, 2020|

King Long Partners with JD to Manufacture Autonomous Delivery Vehicles


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics and King Long, a leading bus manufacturer in China, will jointly research and manufacture commercially-used low-speed autonomous delivery vehicles, according to a partnership announced on September 8th.

JD Logistics will contribute the autonomous driving system, operations platform and relevant standards to this cooperation, while. King Long will focus on commercial deployment. In addition to bus manufacturer, King Long is also a leader in vehicle networking technology and has significant experience in the commercialization of self-driving technology.

“COVID-19 has demonstrated the advantages of autonomous driving technology like autonomous delivery robots and unmanned airplanes in reducing human contact and easing labor shortages,” said Qi Kong, Chief Scientist and head of Autonomous Driving at JD Logistics.

In February, JD quickly deployed autonomous delivery robots in Wuhan to provide a contactless way to deliver to hospitals and residential compounds. One of the robots traveled over 6,800 kilometers and delivered more than 13,000 packages over the course of 107 days. The robot is one of JD’s donations to the National Museum of China (NMC) exhibition on the fight against the epidemic.