Nov 5, 2020|

Lang Lang and Gina Celebrate Singles Day Sales at JD’s Headquarters


by Yuchuan Wang

Today, Lang Lang, together with his wife Gina Redlinger, who is also a celebrated pianist, came to JD’s headquarters to celebrate the Singles Day Grand Promotion as the brand ambassadors of JD Worldwide,’s e-commerce business for imported products.

JD Worldwide will provide over 500,000 different products from more than 100 countries and regions during the Singles Day period. Consumers in over 100 cities will be able to receive their orders placed from bonded warehouses in only 24 hours. On November 1st, the kick start of JD Worldwide’s grand promotion, sales of the platform surpassed the whole day of last year’s November 1st in just 40 minutes. The first day sales of beauty products increased four times on a year-on-year basis.

“I like to buy beauty products on JD Worldwide,” said Redlinger. “JD Worldwide has rich brand choices and holds an imported products day every month on the 15th.”

“I wish JD Worldwide a bright future and better sales performance,” said Lang Lang.

Lang Lang and Redlinger played the theme song of JD Worldwide in a piano duet during their visit to JD’s headquarters in Beijing. The couple also hosted a livestream show on JD Live.