Jun 1, 2021|

Learn to Fly and Buy a Copter on JD.com


By Vivian Yang

Besides car and motorcycle services, JD Auto is piloting efforts to help its customers learn to fly. On June 1, JD Auto announced that it will join hands with China’s leading driving and flight instruction school Eastern Pioneer to introduce flight training courses.

Eastern Pioneer’s official page on JD Auto currently offers both one-day and one-term flying courses. New learners can also book a flying experience class first via JD’s platform before making the decision to commit to all the hours required to become a licensed pilot.

Easter Pioneer's one-term flying course on JD AutoEaster Pioneer’s one-term flying course on JD Auto

Eastern Pioneer and its subsidiaries can provide a number of options for airports and flight routes in Beijing, Shandong, Henan, and other provinces in China, and can offer high-quality fixed-wing aircraft training sessions for pilot licenses, recreational courses and flying club services — with rich aircraft options including Cirrus SR20, Beech Bonanza G36, Beech Baron G58,Tecnam P2006T,P92-JS, P2002-JF and more.

The bar for application and acceptance to flight instruction courses is not too high. According to China’s qualification rules for civil aircraft pilots, applicants above 17 years old who have graduated from middle school and acquired a C2 and higher-level driver license are able to register for flying classes. In order to receive a pilot license for private jets, they only need to pass tests administered by their flight instructors, without going through the trouble of theoretical and flying technique tests required by the Civil Aviation Administration to pilot commercial aircraft.

For those who’ve received their pilot licenses, congratulations! Next, JD Auction has got you covered with options for where to buy an aircraft. During the ongoing JD 618 Grand Promotion, two helicopters will be auctioned on JD’s platform with a super low starting bidding price of RMB 6,180 yuan each, or a little under US $1,000.

Two helicopters that will be auctioned on JD Auction 

Two helicopters that will be auctioned on JD Auction 

Moreover, for those who bid successfully for aircraft on the platform, JD Auto is also partnering with Eastern Pioneer to provide hangar and maintenance services, paving a fast track for its customers to effortlessly realize their dreams of flying.