Jul 19, 2022|

Lululemon Officially Launches on JD.com


by Doris Liu

Canadian retailer Lululemon, originally well-known for its iconic yoga line, officially debuted its digital flagship store on July 18 in the J Shop, JD’s upgrade of its Fashion and Lifestyle business, introducing athletic apparel for not only yoga, but also running, training, and casual wear, among others.

Founded in 1998 with headquarters in Vancouver, Lululemon’s products are developed to make living the “sweat life” comfortable. By turning fitness customers into a “community hub”, the brand is sharing the values of wellness and healthy lifestyles, while also encouraging the setting of life goals.

With the continuous improvement of quality of life in China, sports enthusiasts are growing considerably, as well as their demand for sports equipment consumption. The popularity of Lululemon indicates that the Chinese market not only acknowledges the product quality, but also recognizes the emotional connection it creates between the community and the brand.

Many of Lululemon’s designs are made with exclusive materials and fabrics. Dedicated to continuous research and development based on collaboration with yogis and athletes around the world, Lululemon receives the market feedback in a timely manner, which benefits the new product launch together with its expansion of scenarios.

As “Qi Xi” Festival(on Chinese lunar calendar July 7), often dubbed Chinese Valentine’s Day, falls on August 4 this year, Lululemon also displayed clothes on which is printed the word “love” to enable customers to “express [their] love” on the special day.

The J Shop, with deep integration of JD’s commodity and service capabilities in omni-channel retailing, will continue to help more brands expand their horizons in China and innovate through practice to better accommodate consumers’ needs in the consumption and experience of apparel, lifestyle, cosmetics, sports, luxury fashion, watches and more.