Jan 27, 2022|

Malaysian Ambassador-Turned-JD Courier Delivers Imported Products to Chinese Consumers’ Doorsteps Ahead of the Year of Tiger


by Mengyang He

As the Chinese spring festival draws closer, JD.com invited 9 ambassadors to China from 4 different continents to deliver “nian huo” (a Chinese word for merchandise sold for Chinese New Year) to Chinese consumers. Malaysian Ambassador H.E. Raja Dato’ Nushirwan Zainal Abidin also embarked on the mission to shadow JD’s couriers in order to meet face-to-face with a Chinese customer who ordered Malaysian products.

Malaysian Ambassador H.E. Raja Dato’ Nushirwan Zainal Abidin carries a JD.com parcel

The consumer was Mr. Xu, an overseas Chinese who lives in Kuala Lumpur and has been stuck in Beijing due to Covid-19. As he stays in China for the upcoming Chinese New Year, he purchased his favorite Malaysian delicacy through JD.com. To his surprise, Ambassador Nushirwan showed up at his doorsteps with Mr. Xu’s previously ordered products, Malaysian frozen durians, white coffee, pineapple cakes, and bak kut teh, a pork rib dish cooked in broth.

Malaysian Ambassador H.E. Raja Dato’ Nushirwan Zainal Abidin (left), consumer Mr. Xu (middle), JD courier (right)

“Malaysia and China’s two-way trade totaled 176.80 billion USD in 2021, up 34.4% year-on-year,” Ambassador Nushirwan noted. “JD.com is very key for Malaysian premium brands to enter the vast Chinese market.”

The cooperation between JD.com and Malaysia revolves around Malaysia National Pavilion, and Malaysia Overseas Flagship Store, which was launched in late 2020, under the witness of Ambassador Nushirwan, in a bid to bring Malaysian products to the Chinese market.

Additionally, PG Mall, a leading Malaysian online retailer, joined JD Worldwide in 2021 to directly sell a wide range of Malaysian products, such as bird’s nest and durian products, to Chinese consumers.

As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is around the corner, Mr. Xu also recalled seven years ago on July 31 in Kuala Lumpur, the International Olympic Committee voted to select Beijing as the host city for the 2022 Winter Olympics. “The Olympics brought China and Malaysia closer and deepened our friendship among the two peoples,” said Mr. Xu.