Jun 18, 2021|

Moldova Awarded as the Excellent Growth Partner by JD.com

by Hui Zhang and Yuchuan Wang

Dumitru Braghiș, the ambassador of Moldova to China, received the Excellent Growth Partner of the Year award from JD.com in Beijing on Jun. 18, the final day of 618 Grand Promotion, the biggest mid-year shopping festival in the world, in commemoration of Moldovan brands’ successful development on the JD platform.

Photo shows Ambassador of Moldova to China Dumitru Braghiș accepting the Excellent Growth Partner Award from Ling Chenkai, Head of Strategy of JD Retail and Vice President of JD.com

Moldova launched a national pavilion on JD in December 2019, when many customers learned for the first time that Moldova was one of the five founding countries of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, alongside France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The pavilion also introduced Milestii-Mici, the winery that holds a Guinness world record as the largest wine cellar in the world. After joining over 50 offline stores in China, this was the first time for Milestii-Mici to embark on e-commerce to bring their wine to nearly 500 million JD customers.

“This June 18 marks the 18th anniversary of JD.com and we would love to take this opportunity to thank the Moldova Embassy for promoting the cross-border e-commerce trade with JD.com,” said Larry Lee, vice president and head of global corporate affairs at JD.com “And for its excellent products that makes JD’s 618 Grand Promotion the best destination for shopping international products.”

Ambassadors and senior diplomats from 15 countries were invited to attend an award ceremony hosted by JD at its headquarters in Beijing on Jun 18, in appreciation for their ongoing efforts in enhancing cooperation with JD, and their continuous support in promoting cross-border trade with China.


(zhanghui36@jd.com; yuchuan.wang@jd.com)