Jun 18, 2021|

Swiss Embassy Receives “Friend of JD.com” Award on JD618


by Vivian Yang

In appreciation of Swiss brands’ strong performance on JD.com, the Chinese e-commerce company issued the “Friend of JD.com – Excellent Performance Partner” award to the Swiss embassy to China on Jun 18, the final date of the national mid-year shopping festival, known as the JD 618 Grand Promotion.

Mr. Yves Morath, counselor and head of the Swiss Business Hub China accepted the award at JD’s headquarters in Beijing.  Speaking about the potential for cooperation with China and JD.com in the future, Mr. Morath said that: “Switzerland is definitely a very strong country for premium consumer goods, so we are very optimistic that we can benefit from the potential market of the Chinese market with JD.com. What we see is more and more Swiss premium consumer goods are very active in the Chinese market, especially in the e-commerce market. We see a very great potential, so of course we hope that we can strengthen our position also on JD.com, and have even more tight collaboration in the future.”

Mr. Yves Morath (second from the right) received the “Friend of JD.com” award on behalf of the Swiss Embassy

Mr. Yves Morath (second from the right) received the “Friend of JD.com” award on behalf of the Swiss Embassy

Swiss brands enjoy a high reputation among Chinese customers, as they do in the rest of the world, for their high quality and reliability. Being an e-commerce platform that always puts trust and quality at the core of its business, JD.com is the natural go-to place for Swiss brands in China, with products ranging from luxury, food, and beauty to healthcare products and more available on its platform.

Mr. Yves Morath in an interview during his visit to JD's big data command center on June 18.  Mr. Yves Morath in an interview during his visit to JD’s big data command center on June 18. 

Swiss watches are a good case on this point. JD Fashion offers over a hundred Swiss watch brands through both the first-party and marketplace models. Most recently, Zenith SA launched an official third-party store on JD.com on May 17. The store is an addition to the brand’s first-party store on JD.com which opened in 2017. Breitling, another time-honored Swiss watch brand operating under both sales models on JD.com, was awarded by the platform as the “Sustainable Development Partner of the Year” on May 20 in recognition of the brand’s efforts to bring environmental-friendly products to JD’s customers.

Sustainability is close to the hearts of many Swiss brands and the Swiss embassy. Nestlé, the Switzerland-based company has been working deeply with JD on many fronts, such as, designing Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) products that are better tailored to Chinese customers’ needs, developing medical purpose baby food while promoting pediatric knowledge and nutrition related content, and collaborating on a greener supply chain and digitally-driven distribution center that reduces waste in fulfillment processes.

During the Sino-Swiss Economic Forum (SSEF) last November, Swiss Ambassador to China Bernardino Regazzoni emphasized Swiss enterprises’ commitment to sustainable development in China: “They are even generating synergies among themselves here in China to bring out sustainable, innovative and creative solutions to global concerns.”