Mar 8, 2021|

NPC Delegate Highlights Digital Governance System Supported by JD on CCTV


by Ling Cao

As China’s National People’s Congress currently convenes for the annual session in Beijing, an NPC delegate spoke to national TV network CCTV on Mar. 7 about the country’s first governance command center created in his city of Nantong in cooperation with

“It is like the city’s brain that manages the entire city, using only one network to help with governance, and one app to manage services,” said Yi Ling, who is also executive vice chief of the Organization Department of Nantong Municipal Committee of Jiangsu province. “This has made the whole social governance system intelligent, and has helped to connect information across different departments. Right now, the center can smoothly manage an average of 10,000 queries from local residents.”

Since Mar. 5, NPC delegates have focused on topics regarding people’s livelihood, including digital cities, food safety and more.

Yi Ling

The center is based on JD Technology’s intelligent city operating system, which can realize digital city management, enabling precise transportation forecasting, intelligent monitoring for hazardous chemicals, environmental conditions monitoring and more, in addition to providing visual reports to manage the city.

For example, the center can achieve an intelligent supervision system for hazardous chemicals. There are over 2,000 enterprises in Nantong related to hazardous chemicals. Challenges such as asymmetric information, unintegrated systems and imperfect mechanisms make comprehensive monitoring difficult. The command center integrates the relevant information from local departments and chemical manufacturers to provide optimal monitoring abilities.

Dr. Yu Zheng, vice president of JD Technology said, “Based on our city operating system, we hope Nantong will accelerate the upgrade of its intelligence, industrial digitization and provision of convenient life services. And by integrating all the applications into the system, it will enable a virtuous circle among government-level management, industrial development and improvement of livelihoods.”