Dec 16, 2022|

Ochama Delivers Selected Frozen Foods to Customers in France


by Yuchuan Wang

Starting from December 15, customers in France may order frozen foods from Ochama,’s B2C omni-channel retail brand in Europe, and pick up at approximately 20 locations all over Paris, with no delivery fee.

Leveraging JD Logistics’ local warehouse in Paris, Ochama will first offer selected frozen food items including seafood, cured meat, dumplings, steamed buns and more.

In September, Ochama began expanding its service to France by launching third-party pick-up points in collaboration with local stores. Approximately 20 shops have joined as third-party pick-up points in Paris, and the total number of Ochama’s pick-up points in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium has reached more than 120, where fresh and frozen products are also provided. The adoption of pick-up points not only brings additional earnings for the shops, but also enables customers to arrange their time more flexibly, avoiding the need to plan ahead or wait for delivery.

As a leader in retail and logistics,’s automated warehousing and global supply chain sourcing ability helps Ochama offer quality products with competitive prices. It is now providing a one-stop shopping experience for both food and non-food products such as home appliances, home living, electronics, fashion and more products.

Ochama’s highly automated warehouse in the Netherlands

Through pick-up and doorstep delivery services, Ochama is currently available in nine countries, namely Spain, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg, in addition to the above mentioned four countries.