Jul 16, 2020|

One-on-one: A 60-Year-Old Courier’s 10-Year Journey at JD


by Ling Cao

July 15th is not an ordinary day for Guangquan He, a courier at JD’s Chengdu Yingmenkou delivery station. It is his 60th birthday, as well as the official date of his retirement from JD.com. He was surrounded with flowers and birthday cakes and a warm retirement ceremony. He has been working at JD as a courier for 10 years, and has trained nearly 100 new couriers, and sent out nearly 300,000 packages. The distance he has traveled to deliver packages is equivalent to orbiting around the Earth six times.

He has received almost all possible awards during his tenure with JD, but he is more focused on helping others. “I love my work and life. Helping others is my biggest satisfaction,” he shared. He explained that he came from countryside and lacks a high education. For him, the secret of keeping others satisfied with his work is responsibility and diligence, characteristics that are in his blood.

Although he was already 50 when he joined, joining JD gave him a chance to prove himself capable. He also appreciated that younger couriers at his station would help him to deliver especially during peak times.

In the old compound area in Chengdu he is responsible for, customers call him “Lao He”, a nickname which expresses warmth, kindness and trust. The area consists of over 100 residential buildings, all of which are walk-ups.  He said, “I remembered that one disabled young woman lived on the eighth floor with several dogs. She always bought pet food and I would take it every step of the way to her doorstep.”

He has also delivered to many foreigners living in Chengdu over the years. He said, “They are all very nice. I hope more ‘foreign friends’ can come to China, especially Chengdu for a visit, work or investment.”

He insists in contacting customers for each package. During his ten years, he had made over 400,000 calls, and always brought as many as three phones with him.

Prior to entering the logistics industry at JD, he has worked as a security guard, and in restaurants. He had worked in Beijing and Shanghai. In his life after retirement, he said he will restart hobbies like playing badminton, table tennis, and fishing with friends. He looks forward to continuing his happy family with his wife, son and grandson.