Dec 25, 2020|

Photo Gallery: This Week at JD (December 21st – December 25th)


JD held a livestream on December 23rd to introduce seasonal Chilean cherries. Natalia Cortes Garcia, Trade Commissioner from ProChile Beijing, was present. The event is one of the developments after JD formed a premium alliance with cherry merchants to source top quality cherries from Chile. ProChile is the institution under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile in charge of promoting exports of products and services.

From left to right: Yue Wang, livestream host, Natalia Cortes Garcia, Trade Commissioner from ProChile Beijing, Yihong Wang, sales manager of imported fruits at JD Fresh


Commuters on Beijing’s subway line 14 may be lucky enough to receive complimentary red roses plucked from gift boxes planted around several stations as part of a campaign by one of JD’s flower merchants intended to inspire spontaneous gift-giving. Featuring red roses, the gift box is one option among many in the campaign, which feature the corresponding “flower languages” of ‘sweetness’, ‘the chase’, ‘enthusiasm’, ‘joy’ and more. Commuters can also purchase a range of flowers at permanent flower vending machines in various subway stations.


JD Logistics launched a special express service for the transportation of personal snowboarding and ski gear. For the first time, skiers and snowboarders can travel to and from ski resorts without carrying their long and heavy skis and snowboards. JD Logistics will deliver it with shockproof packaging directly to resorts within 24 hours.


JD held a partner conference for its private brands business JD Original on December 22nd at JD’s headquarters in Beijing. JD’s private label brands cover comprehensive categories, including several sub-brands including J.Zao, Hommy, LATIT and Huixun. Based on big data and precise marketing solutions, JD Original will help brands find the right customers with the right demand, gaining sustainable growth.


JD’s self-developed logistics drone (UAV) JDX-500 (“Jingting”) takes off from Fengming Airport in Sichuan province on December 16th. JDX-500 is China’s first autogyro logistics drone that can carry weight of up to a few hundred kilograms with airdrop capabilities.


JD Cloud & AI has partnered with Beijing Life, an insurance company to advance digitalization in the insurance industry. JD Cloud & AI will provide safe and reliable basic cloud services including the public, private and hybrid cloud, helping Beijing Life build its fundamental cloud computing platform.