Dec 25, 2020|

JD Big Data: Young People Pursue Time-honored Brands


by Martin Li

Young Chinese have been increasingly going after time-honored Chinese brands, according to a survey by JD Big Data Research Institute.

People born in and after 1995 are the fast-growing group on JD’s e-commerce platform, buying traditional Chinse brands. Among the brands are 247-year-old Beijing-based Daoxiangcun Bakery and 117-year-old Dong Lai Shun restaurant.

 The number of time-honored brands which expanded online this year via JD is more than double that of last year. They have also been developing innovative products and services to meet young people’s demands.

Young people’s growing love of time-honored brands is one of the consumer trends released in a recent survey by the research institute.

This year saw an increase in home-related consumption by people born in and after 1995, including fresh produce, home appliances and daily necessities. This trends can be attributed to the pandemic which confined people to home for a long time.

The pandemic encouraged more people to cook at home. The first quarter of this year saw sales of cooking utensils like baking ovens, egg mixers and air fryers grow over three times.

Young people’s consumption of health-related products and services also jumped over two times this year, reflecting their increasing awareness of health.

In terms of other popular products, people have spent more on signature local farm produces and localities, including rice from northeast China.

Luoshifen, a Chinese noodle soup and specialty of Liuzhou, Guangxi, has maintained its popularity. Its sales on JD increased over three times this year.