Feb 26, 2021|

Photo Gallery: This Week at JD (Feb. 21 – Feb. 26)


JD CENTRAL (JDC) hosted the JD JOYFUL AWARDS on Feb. 25 at its headquarters in Bangkok and unveiled a new benchmark, “QPS”, to holistically evaluate merchants according to quality, price and service. The awards issued provide winning sellers with a wide range of supportive measures that go directly towards helping them improve their QPS rating.


JD Worldwide, JD.com’s imported products e-commerce platform, held its first online conference this year on Feb. 25 for potential partners and third-party companies, aiming to introduce more overseas brands to the platform. The online conference introduced the latest strategy of JD Worldwide and the new projects it is initiating to help overseas brands grow in China.


Kevin Jiang, president of international business, JD Fashion and Lifestyle, participated in a webinar hosted by the Chinese edition of WWD, and the British Fashion Council on Feb. 23 to discuss how the fashion industry is taking action to digitalize in the new normal. He introduced how JD helped brands and designers to deal with the impact of the pandemic, including omnichannel solutions, AR/VR technology, precise consumer targeting and more.


John Lobb, luxury shoes and boots brand from London under Hermès Group, launched a flagship store on JD.com on Feb. 23, which is the first and only e-commerce platform to partner with John Lobb in China.