Feb 26, 2021|

JD Partners with Financial Technology to Create Investment Advisory System


by Ling Cao

JD Technology, a business group under JD.com, has partnered with Financial Technology, a domestic fintech company, to create a digital investment advisory system for financial institutions. The announcement was made in this month and is one of the initiatives to promote digitalization of the fintech industry, with the intention of meeting client’s new needs.

Using the system, customers can have a virtual financial manager analyze their financial conditions based on AI and big data and determine personalized financial needs. The virtual financial manager can provide comprehensive plans covering a client’s entire lifecycle. For example, it is able to help guide clients on how to diversify accounts with one to satisfy daily needs and another support investment needs.

Through the program, financial institutions can create a new management experiences without having to rely heavily on marketing and advertising to attract customers. In addition to a reduction in labor costs, the solution provides more accurate and tailored services thanks to its data-driven nature.

A representative at JD Technology said, “This solution combines the functions of multiple financial transaction systems, as well as advisory services.”

The system can also improve customers’ conversion rate and the average basket size of asset management services. Some banks and securities traders have already used this new system.