Jul 3, 2020|

Photo Gallery: This Week at JD (June 28-July 3)


Japanese brand MUJI opens a new form, MUJIcom, at JD headquarters in Beijing, providing employees a casual and convenient lifestyle. The MUJIcom store provides food and beverages, home products, daily goods and books.


On June 30th, JD Health and Siemens Healthineers entered into an agreement to boost service capacity for China’s private hospitals. Centering on the supply of medical equipment, the two companies aim to build a more comprehensive and upgraded ecosystem for the nation’s non-public healthcare sector which is experiencing rapid growth in recent years. On left is JD Health CEO Lijun Xin, and on right is Pu Zhengrong, Vice President of Advanced Therapies at Siemens Healthineers, Greater China.


On July 1st, JD Worldwide, JD’s platform for imported products, LG International and Korea International Trade Association (KITA) signed a strategic partnership to introduce more Korean brands to Chinese customers through JD Worldwide.


The first JD franchised community fruit store opens in Beijing’s Huixinbeili (惠新北里) residential compound. The store named Jingxuanhaoguo (京选好果 in Chinese which means “JD’s select of quality fruits”) is the latest community shop model incubated by JD Fresh, JD.com’s fresh food business, to empower traditional mom-and-pop stores.


JD.com has completed nucleic acid tests of 209 batches of fresh produce including domestic meat, seafood and imported fresh food – all tests have been negative for COVID-19. The tests were carried out by Pony Testing and Centre Testing.


JD Central (JDC), the e-commerce joint venture of JD.com in Thailand, joins the Saha Group Fair Online, the first online version of the country’s annual trade fair. The trade fair will be held from July 2nd to 5th.