Jul 6, 2020|

JD and P&G Launch New Sustainability Program during JD’s “Green Stream Initiative” Day


by Ling Cao

On July 6th, JD kicked off its first “Green Stream Initiative (GSI)” Day, in order to strengthen the idea of a sustainable lifestyle connecting brands, platforms and customers. As an integrated part of GSI, JD and P&G Beauty will launch a new bottle recycling program, encouraging customers to use green boxes and participate in charity programs more easily.

JD kicked off its first “Green Stream Initiative (GSI)” Day,

On the GSI Day, JD encourages its employees to experience a more sustainable lifestyle, getting rid of plastic bags, chopsticks and cups, for example, and turning off the lights after leaving a meeting room and encouraging paperless office operations.

To join the program, customers in selected cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou can buy products on JD from P&G’s brands such as Head & Shoulders, Pantene and Herbal Essences, and opt to use JD’s reusable “green box” on the checkout page. Traditionally, when customers participate in the green box program, JD couriers will take the empty box back from the customer. With this program, however, customers can keep the box and package toys or plastic bottles in the green box, and scan a QR code on its surface and have the donated items delivered to a sorting location. The materials will then be sorted, professionally cleaned, and ultimately used to make products like tables, chairs.

We just launched the “Responsible Beauty“

Irene Zeng, vice president of marketing strategy and planning at P&G China, said, “We just launched the “Responsible Beauty“ project and our 2030 vision globally and are keen to roll out innovative programs in the sustainability area. As a long-time partner for JD’s Green Stream Initiative, we hope to build an interactive ecosystem connecting platforms, brands and customers through the partnership, and to build a global sustainable development business with JD.”

As JD’s long-term partner for GSI,, P&G has cooperated with JD for multiple sustainable programs since 2017, including transportation with pallets in order to improve uploading and downloading efficiency, and launched different kinds of package optimization programs to increase sustainability in the supply chain. This includes initiatives such as implementing simplified packaging that removes logos from the package surface, shipment of shampoo in its original container, and the use of green reusable boxes for P&G products.

JD also continues to work with WWF on green initiatives. JD Logistics signed onto the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) last October. Both parties are working closely to set JD’s long-term carbon emission targets.

Sze Ping Lo, Chief Representative & CEO at WWF China, said, “In the future, WWF will coordinate with global experts and institutions, working with JD to promote sustainable logistics packaging solutions, sharing China’s experience of green logistics with the rest of the world. I hope more companies can join us.”

Jie Ji, vice president of supply chain services at JD Logistics and head of JD’s Green Stream Initiative, said, “JD has been devoted to sustainable business operations since day one. We launched our sustainability strategy, the GSI, three years ago. We are glad that many industry leading brands and institutions like P&G and WWF have joined us.”

In Chinese pinyin, July 6th is “Qi Liu” (7/6), which sounds similar to the program’s Chinese name “Qing Liu”. The day is representative of JD’s willingness and strong belief to promote responsible consumption.