Jun 12, 2020|

Photo Gallery: This Week at JD (June 8-12)


On June 10th, JD Health announced the establishment of an Intelligent Otorhinolaryngology Services Center. The center will expand the application scenarios of medical artificial intelligence, connect with offline medical institutions, and provide new integrated online and offline closed-loop services for the general public.


On June 7th, JD Health’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Consultation Center was officially unveiled. This center brings together experts from TCM hospitals. Based on experts’ areas of focus, consultation desks covering nephropathy, respiration, andrology, oncology, endocrine, gynecology, cardio-cerebrovascular are set up through the initiative.


On June 8th, JD Logistics announced the upgrade of its lower-tier markets program to provide 24-hour delivery service in over a thousand counties and ten thousands of townships in China. JD Logistics will either expand or newly construct 13 local warehouses and transfer centers. The new infrastructure will focus on tier 2-5 cities. In addition, JD will operate 12 Asia No.1 highly automated logistics parks, which traditionally have mainly focused on first and second tier cities, in lower tier cities.


On June 12th, JD held the “Pulse Check” China Consumption: JD.com 618 Roundtable. The roundtable was joined by over 30 reporters from international media.