Jun 12, 2020|

JD.com Targets to Increase Earnings of Agricultural Merchants on JD


by Yuchuan Wang

On June 12th, JD.com announced the company will further integrate its technology and service infrastructure with omnichannel resources to support agricultural product sales. JD expects to increase the earnings of agricultural merchants on JD by 50% in three years.

JD Logistics will provide customized supply chain solutions for over 530 specialty product origins and build a logistics infrastructure for the “first-mile” transportation, enabling JD couriers to help transport agricultural products from farm to table.

In addition, leveraging big data, JD will be able to guide the farmers as to what to produce and how much to produce.

“JD Fresh is committed to expanding the nationwide reach of quality agricultural products, and helping growers earn more and consumers eat better. By integrating the comprehensive capabilities of JD.com, we hope to better serve our customers and support farmers,” said Jonathan Wang, head of 7FRESH at JD.

JD will provide resources in supply chain, logistics, technology and retail covering e-commerce, marketing tools such as livestreaming, flash sales, its offline 7FRESH supermarket and more.

According to data released by the Ministry of Commerce, affected by COVID-19, the growth rate of online agricultural product sales reached to 31% in the first quarter of 2020, an increase of 4% year-on-year. The epidemic has sped up the transition to online fresh food shopping. With high-quality supply of goods, omnichannel platforms and efficient warehousing and logistics capabilities, JD.com is leading the industry to meet consumer demand and drive the sales of agricultural products.