Oct 30, 2021|

Pre-Sales of 59,688 Brands Surge 100% YOY in JD’s Singles’ Day Grand Promotion


by Siyi Zhao and Mengyang He

There is one day left for the pre-sale of JD’s Singles’ Day Grand Promotion and pre-sales of 59,688 brands has surged over 100%. While people are placing more orders, the trend of consumption upgrade catches attention.

Consumption upgrade

Consumption of high-quality services is gaining popularity, and the pre-sale volume of a large number of brand merchants doubled. The pre-sale volume for desktop computers soared by 310%, tablets by 130%, home theatre projectors by over 100% YOY.  The pre-sale volume of pet health products increased by more than 10 times YOY, and pre-sale volume of pet grooming appliances grew by 34 times YOY.

New products

Consumption of new products also increased at a fast pace, and the sales of new brands mounted by 10 times. During the Singles Day Grand Promotion, JD.com created a variety of intelligent C2M products. Among them, the new product of HEGII smart toilet was jointly created by 4,548 users, whose needs and preferences were integrated into the product. Two weeks after the product was launched, the sales doubled compared with the previous month.

Health and wellness

The pre-sale orders of health products increased by 7 times, and a large number of brand merchants saw sales increased by more than 10 times. For example, the pre-sale volume of JD Pharmacy grew by 376%, and the pre-sale orders of nutrition products by almost 2 times.

Beauty and Luxury

As gold jewelry orders doubled, “beauty consumption” has been a breakout star. The pre-sale orders of Estee Lauder on JD increased nearly 9 times YOY, and the pre-sale orders of the exclusive version of Lancôme eye cream during the livestreaming mounted nearly 7 times YOY. The pre-sales volume of over 15 luxury brands grew by 200% YOY, and more than 30 trendy designer brands increased by 5 times YOY. TOD’S pre-sale orders jumped by 20 times YOY.

Fresh produce

The volume of agricultural products exceeded the daily average sales in October by 5.8 times. Compared with the pre-sales in previous years, the agricultural products snapped up by consumers showed the characteristics of “branding of origin,” “nutrition upgrade,” and “popularity of rare agricultural products”.


(zhaosiyi5@jd.com, hemengyang5@jd.com)