Jul 26, 2021|

SEVEN FRESH Opens Fourth Store in Chengdu Inside Subway Station


by Ling Cao

JD’s omni-channel supermarket chain SEVEN FRESH opened a new store in Chengdu on July 23rd, making it the fourth location in the city and the chain’s first subway storefront, located inside Chengdu’s Shijicheng subway station.

The store will offer fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood, local delicacies, ready-to-cook dishes and baked food developed by SEVEN FRESH.

During the opening ceremony, the Chengdu store offered a wide range of discounts to customers, providing them with a superior fresh produce shopping experience.

Helson Zheng, head of SEVEN FRESH shared, “SEVEN FRESH has built a strong supply chain network that connects delicious food from all over the world in one place. Using various cooking methods developed by our team as well as fast delivery service, we hope customers can enjoy the instant and convenient in-store and online shopping.”

JD plans to open a fifth store of SEVEN FRESH in Chengdu in late September.

In recent three months the chain opened three stores in Shenzhen, as part of SEVEN FRESH’s overall plan to focus on major regions in China. Zheng said that SEVEN FRESH will keep the expansion momentum over the next three years.