Jan 12, 2021|

Skincare and High-tech Products Sell Well on Coldest Day in 60 Years


by Hui Zhang

As China is confronted with a massive cold wave, starting Jan. 4, consumers have been adding more skincare products and high-tech garments to keep them warm during the coldest days in 60 years.

According to China’s National Meteorological Center (NMC), the cold wave has brought record-low temperatures to more than 80% of China, with Heilongjiang and Jilin seeing temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius, and Beijing witnessing a drastic temperature drop to -19 degrees Celsius.

In addition to purchasing more warm cotton clothes and pants to cope with the cold wave, Chinese consumers are adding a variety of winter skin care products so as to avoid frostbite on exposed skin.

According to JD’s data, search volumes of hand cream, lip balm, and face cream, among other winter skincare categories have seen a significant increase from Jan. 1-5. The search volume of lip balm has increased by nearly 150% YoY. Male consumers’ demand for lip balm is strong, with the volume increasing by more than 200% YoY. In addition, sales of hand cream increased by nearly 150% YoY.

“Looking at JD’s data shows that more and more male consumers are willing to spend more time to take care of themselves. JD.com, with a wide range of beauty product categories and effective logistics speed, can meet the demands of consumers to quickly get the goods they need during the freezing days,” said a purchasing manager from JD Beauty.

Along with beauty products, Chinese consumers are also exploring high-tech garments to take advantage of technology to keep them warm. For example, search volumes have multiplied for temperature-controlled down comforters, self-heating underwear made of high-tech materials, electronic insoles, and battery-heating socks.