Jul 19, 2023|

The Future of Industry Marketing with JD.com’s AI-Powered Solutions


Last week, JD.com unveiled its industry-centric ChatRhino large language model (LLM). Designed to cater to a wide variety of sectors, including retail, logistics, finance, health, and municipal services, ChatRhino harnesses the power of 70% generalized data combined with 30% native intelligent supply chain data, providing tailored solutions for real-world industry challenges.

JD.com’s intelligent supply chain boasts a complex and rich data source, encompassing over 10 million proprietary e-commerce SKUs and 50 million industrial product SKUs while serving eight million enterprise clients and over 2,000 industry belts in China. This intricate data network forms an ideal training ground for AI technologies.


AIGC Content Marketing Platform – Reducing Costs by 90%

JD.com’s AI-generated content (AIGC) Content Marketing Platform integrates comprehensive product data and the capabilities of ChatRhino to derive a deep understanding of product characteristics. In turn, significantly elevates efficiency and quality of marketing for merchants, particularly SMEs. With a single product image, the platform can autonomously generate an extensive range of essential e-commerce visuals, captivating marketing posters, and detailed product images.

Meeting the rapid needs of store setup, product promotion, and other marketing necessities, the platform has the ability to reduce the cost of each visual set by 90% and cut production time down from seven days to just half a day.

One of the initial beneficiaries of the AIGC platform was JD’s private label brand J.Zao. The video below demonstrates how J.Zao leveraged the platform to generate a full suite of marketing visuals within minutes.


AI Growth Marketing Platform – Increasing Marketing Production Efficiency by a Hundredfold

Through simple interactions with the AI Growth Marketing Platform, users can seamlessly create comprehensive marketing campaigns, including operational strategies, personnel arrangements, quick campaign page setups, bulk creation of marketing copy and materials, and digital delivery.

This breakthrough solution significantly reduces human-computer interactions from over 2,000 to fewer than 50, paving the way for a hundredfold increase in increase marketing production efficiency.

A JD engineer shows how to use AI Growth Marketing Platform to launch an online campaign on JDDiscovery 2023


Multimodal Digital Presenter for E-commerce Livestreaming – Powering 4,000+ Brand and Merchant Livestreaming Rooms

For retailers and merchants, JD has launched a multimodal digital presenter solution for applications such as livestreaming and shopping guidance. Leveraging ChatRhino’s capabilities, a digital presenter – including image, voice, movements, backdrops visuals, and more – can be created with limited sample materials.

Utilizing JD Cloud’s e-commerce knowledge model, K-PLUG (Knowledge-injected Pre-trained Language Model for Natural Language Understanding and Generation in E-Commerce), users simply need to upload the merchandise URL. The system then intelligently extracts the product details, key specifications, and selling points to create engaging, reader-friendly livestreaming scripts. Traditionally, creating scripts for 50 SKUs would take upwards of five hours, but now with our AI model, content can be generated with just a single click.

To date, JD’s multimodal digital presenter has been integrated into over 4,000 brand and merchant livestreaming rooms, generating over RMB 800 million yuan in GMV.