Jul 29, 2020|

Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Diangui Li Joins JD Health


by Rachel Liu

Dr. Diangui Li, Traditional Chinese Medicine Master officially joins JD Health today. JD Health also signed an agreement with China Research Association of Chinese Medicine (CRACM) to jointly promote innovation in the area of traditional Chinese medicine and the development of “internet + Chinese medicine”.

Dr. Li and Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health, attended today’s signing ceremony.

Dr. Li and Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health, attended today’s signing ceremony

Dr. Li, who will turn 70 next month, is a professor at the Traditional Chinese Medicine College of Hebei Province. He was granted the title of “National Master of TCM” by the central government of China. He enjoys great fame in the treatment of precancerous lesions of stomach and gastritis.

Dr. Li is the honorary director of Hebei Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has laid the foundation of “Zhuo-Du Theory”, which is a theory for treating stomach diseases. After joining JD, Dr. Li will also take the leadership of the Zhuo-Du Theory Studies Center at JD Health’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Consultation Center. He plans to utilize his studies on the theory to help more JD customers with their ailments and provide professional online traditional Chinese medicine consultations on the JD Health platform.

This June, JD Health launched its TCM Consultation Center, which brings together experts from various TCM hospitals. This center can not only provide patients with online and group consultations, but also tailored services. For example, with the online prescription function, doctors can give patients TCM prescriptions for a variety of forms of Chinese medicine.

Lijun Xin said, “Moving forward, JD Health will continue to promote the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, drive its development through technology, and build a brand-new ecosystem where the internet and traditional Chinese medicine come together.”