Jul 30, 2020|

JD’s Social Group E-commerce Generates Income for Two Million People


by Martin Li

JD’s social group e-commerce program had brought incomes to almost two million people by July 20, including fresh college graduates, mothers, the unemployed, retirees, migrant workers, farmers, and disabled people.

Named Super New Star, the program encourages people to share links to product promotions and discounts on JD’s e-commerce platforms via Wechat groups and mini programs. Promoters earn affiliate marketing commissions from each transaction while JD provides the inventory, logistics, and after-sales services.

Participants in the program has exceeded 1.7 million, the majority of which are females between 30 and 50 from lower-tier cities. Around 69% of the products sold via the program in the first quarter of this year were valued below RMB100 yuan.

A woman working in a primary school in Hengshui City, Hebei province and mother of a two-and-half-year boy joined the program six months ago with the goal of earning additional income. “I hope to make a better life for my children,” said the woman, who is going to have another baby soon. “I don’t need to worry about product quality, diversity, or product services because JD handles them all,” she said. The woman made around RMB 200 yuan each month when she started, but that has since grown to 20,000 yuan.

There were over 48 million people engaged in social e-commerce in 2019 and the market size exceeded RMB two trillion yuan, according to statistics from the Internet Society of China.

It is predicted that such a self-employment economy could see robust growth in 2020. Large e-commerce players like JD are expected to play a bigger role in building the infrastructure of the new economy.