May 8, 2021|

UPDATED: In Photos: JD Signs Partnership with Global Brands at Hainan Expo


by Guo Ji

JD signed partnership agreements with leading international brands at the China International Consumer Products Expo at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Haikou, Hainan province (May 7-10). Brands include the likes of, Fonterra, Ferrero, Mars Wrigley, SC Johnson, GOO.N, Nestlé and Perrier.

Here are a few highlights on the partnerships:

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods  

Anchor and JD to further cooperation in food and duty free business

JD and Anchor, a brand under New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra, will further cooperation in in imported food channels and explore the possibility of developing duty-free business. Anchor joined JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, in 2014 and has ranked first in imported milk sales for four consecutive years since 2017. It is also a founding member of the JD Super + JD PLUS organic alliance which provides organic brands with robust marketing solutions.

Yu Zhao (left), head of external partnership development for JD FMCG Omnichannel and Weizhuo Jin, director of business strategy for the consumer products department at Anchor Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Ferrero and JD to deepen product co-creation systems

JD and Ferrero announced that they will make full use of their respective resource advantages to work together in brand maintenance, user operations, big data marketing ecosystem and the establishment of a data-driven new product co-creation system. In order to meet the needs of new consumers, the two sides will also carry out cooperation in R&D of new products and in the co-creation of new products. Ferrero entered the Chinese market in as early as the 1980s and partnered with JD beginning in 2015. IT has since become a top brand in the chocolate category. More opportunities for collaboration between Ferrero and JD will be opened up in the future.

Yu Zhao (left), head of external partnership development for JD FMCG Omnichannel and Mario Gabbi, president of China region sales for Ferrero

Mars Wrigley and JD to accelerate growth in confectionary and chocolates

Mars Wrigley and JD signed a cooperation agreement to accelerate growth in the confectionary and chocolate category, making full use of each parties’ resources and advantages to drive industry growth. Mars Wrigley, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum and other candies behind popular brands including Snickers, M&Ms and more, joined JD’s platform in 2014, with annual sales exceeding RMB 340 million yuan in 2020. The company’s other division, Mars Petcare, previously cooperated with JD to launch a high-end healthy C2M cat food product called NutroMax in the same year.

Yu Zhao (left), head of external partnership development for JD FMCG Omnichannel and Gang Teng, vice president of business affairs, Mars Wrigley China

SC Johnson and JD to focus on omni-channel and precise marketing

Leveraging’s technology strength and omnni-channel capabilities together with S.C. Johnson’s renowned brand and high-quality product advantages, both sides signed a cooperation agreement to enhance a multi-scenario, digital and intelligent cooperation. S. C. Johnson is a leading manufacturer of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, pest control and shoe care, as well as professional products. Through the cooperation, S. C. Johnson aims to expand its business scope in northeast Asia, explore omni-channel cooperation and improve precision targeting thanks to JD’s technology strength. S. C. Johnson joined hands with JD in 2015. Both sides have already explored cooperation possibilities in marketing, packaging, and C2M innovation to meet various rising demands from Chinese consumers.

Yu Zhao (left), head of external partnership development for JD FMCG Omnichannel and Lijian Liu, senior vice president of the Asia region for SC Johnson

GOO.N and JD to further partnership in e-commerce

GOO.N signed a cooperation agreement with during the event, aiming to mutually share resources, and take advantages of both sides’ advantages to explore in-depth business cooperation in e-commerce. GOO.N is a premium baby diaper brand, produced by one of the largest paper products manufactures in Japan, Daio Paper Corporation established in 1943. GOO.N has established partnership with JD since 2015 and it has embraced great sales performances on JD since then.

Yu Zhao (left), head of external partnership development for JD FMCG Omnichannel and Chairman and Masaro Suzuki, Senior Director of GOO.N (Nantong) Life Products Co. Ltd. 

Nestlé and Perrier to explore duty-free partnership with JD

Several international brands signed partnerships with JD on duty-free business during the event, including Perrier and Nestlé, aiming to explore and develop Hainan’s market under mutual support, as well as leading industry growth as a whole.

Yongzhi Xie (left), director of JD Worldwide and Nan Luo, manager of  international brands, Nestle Water

JD is consistently acting as a bridge between international brands and Chinese markets.

Nestlé is JD’s long-term partner and the companies have cooperated in precise marketing, sales, healthcare and logistics. In April, JD and Nestlé agreed to promote allergy prevention and management in infants and toddlers. Through the cooperation, both parties will work together to set up a specialized food center within JD’s App to provide formula or food for infants and toddlers with special medical needs. In September 2020, Nestlé partnered with JD Logistics on an intelligent digital operations system in Nestlé’s north distribution center in Tianjin to improve fulfillment efficiency.

Yongzhi Xie (left), director of JD Worldwide and Wei Tang, Director of e-commerce KA, Nestle

JD Worldwide also signed a partnership with Fonterra, following the brand’s partnership with JD Super Ominchannel yesterday, reflecting the wide range of areas that JD and the brand house can work together

Yongzhi Xie (left), director of JD Worldwide and Yueming Zhai, manager of e-commerce marketing, Fonterra

Consumer Electronics

Sony and JD to explore consumer innovation

Sony China inked an agreement with to explore innovation in consumer reach, products, scenarios and more taking advantage of both companies’ abundant experience in online operations and marketing. Sony and JD will do research into consumption behaviors and co-create events to enhance consumer traffic. Furthermore, inventory will be arranged based on customers’ needs. Sony and JD also plan to create trending social content and more. Through the collaboration with, the brand has been able to expand its businesses in the fields of audio, gaming, gaming TV, mobile phones and more. This March, JD and Sony jointly launched a customized gaming TV.


Baijie Zhang, manager of JD consumer electronics and Dezheng Pang, general manager,Hainan branch of Sony China. 


Bose and JD to enhance omnichannel operation

Global audio equipment leader Bose and will deepen its cooperation in omni-channel operations. Combining JD’s experience in precise marketing, supply chain and logistics, Bose will bring its best-in-class products to JD’s sales channels online or offline including JD Retail Experience Shops, Jingxi, JD’s social e-commerce platform targeting lower-tier markets, and more. The cooperation will help Bose create a digital sales and operations solution. Bose has been partnering with JD since 2014. During JD’s 618 Grand Promotion (Jun. 18) in 2020, JD and Bose have jointly held livestreams and provided special gift sets for customers.

Xiuji Wu, manager of JD consumer electronics division and Yiya Ding, general manager, sales, Bose


ExxonMobil and JD to strengthen cooperation on users, digitalization and service network and ExxonMobil will deepen cooperation in three main areas in China, which include user engagement, digitalized e-commerce operation and omni-channel service network. Based on the agreement, JD Auto will become one of the first online platforms to launch Mobil’s new products in China. Furthermore, the two sides will integrate JD’s Customer-to-Manufacturer approach and Mobil’s oil analysis programs Mobil Serv℠ to create more tailor-made lubricant products for Chinese customers. From online ordering to offline services, the two sides will embrace omni-channel solutions to create more reliable and easily accessible services. No matter whether the products are delivered to customers’ homes directly or their designated nearby JD Auto Service stores, customers are guaranteed with the standardized price and service quality provided by both JD and Mobil. Meanwhile, customers will be able to enjoy more shared benefits from both JD Auto and Mobil’s membership programs.

From left to right:  Qin Miu, vice president and head of life & service business division of;  Minxian Wang, general manager, self-operated automotive products, JD Auto; Yulong Cui, general manager, new retail business, ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd; Chunyang Yue, Managing Director of ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd

Continental Tires and JD Auto to enhance omni-channel cooperation

Continental Tires and JD Auto reached an agreement to enhance omni-channel cooperation. Based on JD’s nationwide car maintenance service network that combines online ordering and appointments and offline services, known as JD Auto Service, the two sides will explore tailored services for both business partners and customers. Additionally, Continental will supply UltraContact J type tires to be sold exclusively on JD’s platform.

From left to right:   Minxian Wang, general manager, self-operated automotive products, JD Auto;Qin Miu, vice president and head of life & service business division of; Yifeng Zhao, e-commerce department, Continental China; Mingyou Tang, head of sales, Continental China.


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