Aug 12, 2021|

Victoria’s Secret Opens Flagship Store on


by Hui Zhang

Victoria’s Secret, the world’s leading specialty retailer of intimate apparel, announced the launch of an official flagship store on on Aug 8 to bring its classic bras, panties, lingerie and T-shirts to’s consumers.

With the coming of Chinese Valentine’s Day (“Qixi”, which falls on August 14, 2021), many Chinese consumers would like to select gifts for their loved ones. has become an important platform for Chinese consumers to buy gifts because of its guarantee of authenticity, fast delivery and premium services.

Victoria’s Secret launched the store before the annual Chinese Valentine’s Day, as the brand placed great value on JD’s platform advantages during festivals, its suitability for gifting and its vast base of consumers with strong consumption power. Meanwhile, leveraging its technology strengths, JD can facilitate brands in their efforts to more precisely reach consumers.

“The cooperation with Victoria’s Secret not only further expands the camp of JD’s cooperation with international fashion brands, but also provides additional choices for JD’s consumers pursuing high-quality products,” said a representative from JD’s underwear business.