Sep 9, 2020|

What Home Appliances do Post-90s Generation Prefer? JD Data Tells You


by Rachel Liu

JD’s Big Data Institute released the Consumption Trends of Post-90s Consumers report to align with JD’s home appliances flash sales day on September 9th. Three core trends emerge from the data:


High-quality Stay at Home Time

The post-90s generation attaches great importance on making themselves comfortable at home. During COVID-19, they showed great interest in dish washers and cleaning robots. They also bought many kitchen and self-care appliances such as facial machines, electronic toothbrush, and hair dryers. Air purifiers, electric kettles and electric footbaths were also popular during the epidemic period, indicating post-90s consumers desire to take better care of themselves.

Data also shows that this generation of consumers is deal savvy. Ninety percent of post-90s consumers tend to compare prices prior to placing an order, and nearly 80% will participate in promotions and flash sales.


Love for Pets and “Cute Objects”

The post-90s generation make up the highest proportion of pet owners compared with other age groups, and have been proven to make sacrifices for their animal friends. For example, when buying home appliances, they will opt for those that can easily deal with animal fur, such as dust mite removers, vacuums and cleaning robots.

Apart from pet-related products, post-90s consumers are also spending money for “cute objects”, such as cartoons, games and TV show-related products. For example, young customers show shorter decision times when they buy a Pikachu themed electric lunch box vs. a non-themed lunch box.


Entertainment is a Must

Post-90s are spending quality of time on entertainment, and they are buying the best equipment for it. Speakers and audios saw the fastest increase in searches among electronic products in post-90s customers (51%), followed by TVs (41%). Although post-90s consumers are spending less and less time to TV programs, but TVs with smart screens and gaming applications are still very popular.

“Through the data we can see that the consumption ability of post-90s consumers is becoming stronger, and they have very diverse and novel needs for home appliance products. The JD home appliance team is working to have a deeper understanding of the characteristics of young customers, and will provide them more suitable products with good prices,” said spokesperson of JD Home Appliances.