Sep 9, 2020|

JDD CEO & Chair of JD Tech Committee: Innovation Drives Intelligent Industries


by Ella Kidron and Ling Cao

At the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), Chen Shengqiang, JD Digits CEO and Dr. Bowen Zhou, JD Chair of Technology Committee, shared about the future of intelligent business, driven by technology innovation.

Chen shared his vision for smart cities in an address entitled, “’Intelligent City’ Empowers Digital Government Services and the Digital Economy” at the Forum on Trends and Latest Developments of Digital Trade. In the event on September 5th, Chen explained that the construction of a digital government and a digital economy are inseparable. It is not simply a “government affairs cloud”, but rather a means to pursue security, stability and better social governance, as well as, importantly, to promote industrial growth and the improvement of people’s livelihoods.

Dr. Bowen Zhou, JD Chair of Technology Committee, shared about the future of intelligent business, driven by technology innovation.

Chen explained in his address, “ It is an intelligent big data management platform built during the epidemic which integrates policy transmission, enterprise and civilian services, data analysis, monitoring and early warning, command and dispatching, and auxiliary decision making.”

To that end, he introduced the “One Core, Two Wings” concept. The intelligent city is not only the foundation of “One Core, Two Wings” but also the base and digital cornerstone of intelligent city construction. “One core” refers to the modernization of city governance, while “two wings” are the development of service industry AI and industrial development and lifestyle service industry. The three support, interact and coordinate with each other.

JDD’s “One Core and Two Wings” Concept

JDD’s “One Core and Two Wings” Concept

Separately, in a keynote entitled, “Intelligence, connection and cloud enables a joint industrial digitization,” Dr. Bowen Zhou shared his insights on the important role of technology in helping industries digitize make their operations more intelligent.

JD Cloud & AI aims to lead the omnichannel development of service and technology.”

Zhou said, “The CIFTIS is a typical digital twin example combining online and offline scenarios. As the official technology service provider, JD Cloud & AI aims to lead the omnichannel development of service and technology.”

Zhou broke down achieving industrial intelligence and digitization into three phases. First, develop infrastructure based on different types of clouds, including public, private, hybrid cloud. Second, connect all aspects of a business and bring together the production and consumption ends. Finally, create business growth through intelligence-driven, cloud-based operations.

He explained that this is the only way to achieve industrial development and that JD has a technology advantage based on its long-term insistence for building in-house logistics, first party B2C business model, and comprehensive category coverage.

“The collaboration and connection for integrated process within and beyond an enterprise is important,” Zhou said. “This will require a massive IoT technology and management platform, cloud based layout and more.”

Zhou further emphasized, “From a practical point of view, industrial intelligence and digitization should interact with one another. For example, cloud based capabilities will help connect all processes, helping to expand the boundary of business, optimize costs, and help upgrade digital infrastructure, thus paving the way for consistent growth and value generation.

According to Zhou, JD Cloud & AI has served 100,000 clients in the last year, covering state-owned enterprises, media, education, medical, finance, e-commerce and gaming, to help them go digital. More than just reducing costs, JD has observed that these partners have also made their businesses more agile.

By helping Fuqing, a city that famous for exporting seafood in Fujian province, to establish multiple digital and intelligent solutions, such as building a digital transaction platform, leveraging cold chain logistics and innovative marketing methods like livestream, digital finance, and cloud based operation. Working with JD Cloud & AI, the city saw sales of major enterprises increase 35% YOY.

JD Digits, JD Logistics, JD Cloud & AI, which is the official technology provider of the event, JD Health, JD Business and JD’s international businesses all hosted exhibitions at the event highlighting their most recent technology innovations. JD’s prominent presence at the event underscores the company’s role as a supply chain-based technology and services provider.


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