Feb 25, 2020|

While others resume production, JD Logistics Continues doing business as usual


by Ling Cao and Tracy Yang

On February 22nd, a press conference held by the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of China’s State Council disclosed that the railway and civil aviation transport networks are operating normally, and the express industry has recovered steadily. Express delivery enterprises have almost resumed full operations or reached normal work capacity.

JD Logistics has been operating daily, providing consistent delivery during the Chinese New Year period for eight years in a row with its over 180,000 responsible and diligent employees. While maintaining regular delivery nationwide, even during the anti-coronavirus period, to help provide daily necessities to customers, JD is also leveraging its logistics and technology capability and sparing no resource to provide needed aid. At present, JD Logistics has helped transport over 3,000 tons of anti-epidemic and daily emergency necessities to Wuhan and the surrounding areas.

JD Logistics also provides several different measures of contactless delivery during this anti-epidemic period. These include expanding existing services JD used prior to the outbreak, such as lockers where customers only need to enter a code to receive their package and fixed-point pick up, robot delivery and drone delivery, as well as newer measures such as setting up mini delivery stations outside of compounds making it easier for customers to pick up and send packages.

According to the conference, in the second week of February – regarding passenger transport and logistics – the number of railway loads continued to grow for four consecutive days, the number of ships entering and leaving ports also increased, and the volume of express delivery business increased 1.1 times compared to last week. Since the end of the Chinese New Year holiday on February 18th, the traffic flow on highways across the country have also increased, maintaining a growth rate of around 10% over the past few days.


(ling.cao@jd.com; tracy.yang@jd.com)