Apr 27, 2020|

Wuhan’s Asia No.1 Logistics Park Sees Robust Order Growth


by Martin Li

JD.com’s Asia No.1 logistics park in Wuhan is seeing robust growth in number of orders with the resumption of transportation in and around Hubei province.

Almost 1,400 tons of fresh products from Hubei were sold on JD.com within just one week, among which oranges, crawfish and lotus root are the top three best-sellers.

During the sales event, sales of crawfish increased by 500% as compared with the period prior to the lifting of the lockdown in Hubei province on April 7th.

“Transportation has resumed and warehouses are full of products,” said Qiu Shaoping, a fresh products warehouse manager at the logistics park.

The park’s cold chain logistics have resumed completely, enabling the transport hundreds of thousands of agricultural products to places outside Hubei.

By April 17th, a total of 796,000 tons of agricultural products in Hubei were sold via e-commerce platforms including JD.com, according to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. A total of 1,820,000 transactions were made.

JD.com has one of the largest fulfillment infrastructures of any e-commerce companies in the world. The company operates 25 “Asia No. 1” logistics parks, which are among the largest and most automated smart fulfillment centers in Asia. JD.com also leverages a network of over 700 warehouses with a total of approximately 16.9 million square meters, including warehouse space managed under the JD Logistics Open Warehouse Platform.