Mar 8, 2021|

“Your World Shines”: JD Worldwide and ELLE Encourage Women to Find Their Shining Moments


by Rachel Liu

JD Worldwide and international lifestyle magazine ELLE jointly launched the “Your World Shines” photography exhibition on Mar. 8, International Women’s Day, to encourage women to stay true to their dreams and find their own way to shine.

The photography exhibition shows the profile photos of 38 women who are successful in their own areas, and encourages women to explore themselves and shine in their own way. The women who joined the exhibition include female KOLs in different areas, such as traveling, exercising, food, fashion and more. Actress Yitong Li, who initiated the exhibition, said: “I believe when women choose to do what they are passionate about, their world will shine.” The exhibition is part of JD Worldwide’s “Shining Season” campaign, from Mar. 8 to Mar. 15.

“Our idea behind this exhibition is that we think when women have their own passion, they will shine from the inside out and bring that energy to people around them,” said Frank Yu, general manager of JD Worldwide. “We want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to these powerful women who have found their passion, and encourage more women to follow.”

The campaign successfully gained resonance among female audiences. “Everyone has their shining spots. Find your shining spot and grow it. It is never too late.” said one comment on a social media platform.