Mar 8, 2021|

Bowen Zhou: JD Zeros in on Next-Generation Infrastructure for Supply Chain


by Vivian Yang

In response to an interview on JD Technology’s official WeChat account regarding the integration of digital and real economies highlighted in China’s government work report, Bowen Zhou, Chairman of JD Technology Committee and president of JD AI Research Institute said that “in the next decade, JD is committed to creating next-generation supply chain infrastructure which is digitalized, intelligent and open to all.”

“[These infrastructures aim] to enable all kinds of enterprises to be connected and to support them to optimize the processes of production, circulation, services and more, eventually improving the cost-effectiveness for the real economy and the whole society,” he added.

Bowen Zhou spoke at the World Economic Forum 2020

The Government Work Report, delivered by Premier Li Keqiang on Mar. 5 at China’s National People’s Congress, pointed out that China will continue to vigorously promote innovation in science and technology and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. And relying on innovation and its integration into real economies, the country aims to cultivate greater economic growth momentum.

“JD’s explorations in the five key next-generation technologies: AI, IoT, blockchain, automated systems and cloud,. We have seen deep integrations into enterprises in all kinds of industries, boosting their innovation and quality growth,” Zhou said.

On supporting China’s science and technology strategies, Zhou mentioned that JD has been chosen to build an AI-powered innovative and open platform for an intelligent supply chain as part of a government-led plan.

In Zhou’s perspective, trust remains at the core of high-speed technological development and innovation. He hosted a discussion on the topic of “Trustworthy AI” during the World Economic Forum in 2020 in Davos to underline the core value and role of AI and other technologies at large for the real economy, society and the world.

JD’s Technology Committee is steering the technological capacities and assets across the conglomerate’s businesses, including retail, logistics, technology, healthcare and more, which have been deployed in real-world scenarios such as intelligent omnichannel retail, internet-based medical services, smart logistics, AI-driven fintech and AI and big data-powered intelligent cities.