Nov 1, 2020|

2020 JD Literature Awards Winners Announced


by Vivian Yang

The winners of the 2020 JD Literature Awards were announced on October 31st. The awards ceremony was livestreamed on, which also marks the closing of the JD Literary Festival jointly organized by, xinhuanet, BTV (the satellite channel of Beijing Television Station) and China Arts News(中国艺术报, the newspaper run by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism).

Organizers of 2020 JD Literary Festival

Since the founding of, it is Richard Liu, the chairman and CEO, strongly advocated to add books as an important category at As of now, JD has become one of the most attractive platforms of books for Chinese readers.

The festival kicked off on August 31st and consisted of several stages including works collection, expert reviews and public voting over the past two months.

Winners of the 2020 JD Literature Awards in the five categories are:

  • Annual International Literature Award: Babel Tower, by A.S.Byatt
  • Annual Children Literature Award: A Summer with Pigeons (有鸽子的夏天), by Liu Haiqi
  • Annual Science Fiction Award: Memory Deviation (记忆偏离),by Wu Chu
  • Annual Literature IP Award: Joy of Life (庆余年), by Mao Ni
  • Annual Chinese Literature Award: The Records in Yunzhong Village (云中记) by A Lai

Mo Yan (莫言), winner of Nobel Prize in Literature; Xu Zechen (徐则臣) and Mai Jia (麦家), winners of China’s Mao Dun Literature Prize(Chinese highest award for novels); Gao Hongbo (高洪波), vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, and more were invited as book recommenders for this year’s event.

Mo Yan and other writers shared their thoughts on literature at the ceremony

The year 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of JD Books. “It is both JD’s passion and mission to hold the literary festival,” said Lei Xu, CEO of JD Retail on the ceremony. “This is also consistent with our company’s original intention which is to do things of more values for society. The literary festival does not only bring more good books to the readers, but also helps to promote excellent knowledge and culture.”

In the past 10 years, JD Book keeps on promoting China’s books and reading ecosystem. The platform offers millions of authentic books at low prices. In addition to its self-operated book sales channel, the platform also supports about 2,000 third-party book merchants and more than 100,000 book recommendation alliances. Nowadays, JD Book has grown into China’s only comprehensive reading platform that provides paperback books, e-books, audiobooks, reading hardware and software, as well as knowledge services.

Lei Xu, CEO of JD Retails (Center)

In addition to the literature heavyweights, the ceremony also invited several well-known individuals as the reading guides who lead people into the stories of the awarded books, including China’s Go Champion Ke Jie (柯洁), table tennis Grand Slam player Zhang Jike (张继科), favorable CCTV anchors Chen Duo (陈铎) and Ju Ping (鞠萍), and the actor of the popular TV series Joy of Life Liu Duanduan (刘端端).