Sep 29, 2020|

A Grandma, a JD Courier, and Handmade Mooncakes


by Ella Kidron

Ahead of this Mid-Autumn Festival (a traditional Chinese holiday for family reunion and eating mooncakes), JD courier Qingfeng Wang received an unexpected phone call which ended in him hand-making mooncakes with a customer. “What type of mooncakes do young people like?” An 80-year old customer in the area that Wang services was on the other end of the line asking in anticipation. In the last half year, she has come to rely on Wang for help after earning his trust, and is accustomed to calling him whenever she has questions.

He couldn’t help but wonder to himself: “Why did she suddenly want to know what kind of mooncakes young people liked?” It wasn’t until Wang arrived at the elderly woman’s home that he suddenly understood that, with the festival approaching, she was determined to hand make mooncakes for her granddaughter, Zhongjie Xu (许钟杰) working in Xi’an. “She has liked sweet treats since she was little, and I want to surprise her.”

He arrived at the woman’s house, and the two spent time browsing various mooncake molds available online, carefully considering each one. They eventually settled on several molds, including ones with images of Peppa pig, a rabbit and a kitty claw, as creative mooncakes tend to appeal to young people. Wang was well-aware that in her old age, moving about would get more challenging, so much so that her children usually deliver food to her. The woman’s wish was simple, but he knew that making it a reality on her own might pose challenges. Even though he’d never tried his hand at mooncakes, determine to help her out, Wang went online to figure out how to make them. When the goods arrived, Wang didn’t waste a minute in delivering them and the two went straight to work. Wrapping the mooncakes was not an easy job, but the elderly woman remained extremely meticulous throughout, determined to get it exactly right.

JD courier Qingfeng Wang and customer making mooncakes

When they were done, the woman looked at the plate of handmade mooncakes and exclaimed, “My granddaughter was always by my side when she was little. At that time my hands and feet were still deft, so every year when she told me she wanted to eat mooncakes, I would quickly be able to make them.” She added that this time by making the mooncakes, she wanted to remind her granddaughter of the taste of her childhood. Upon receiving the mooncakes, Xu felt surprised yet guilty that she hadn’t gone to accompany her grandmother on account of a work commitment.

Wang also felt the extra effort was totally worth it. “I never realized that I’d be able to take this opportunity to learn how to make mooncakes.” He recalled the first time that he made a delivery to the elderly woman. Xu had specifically given him a call to explain that her grandmother had experienced physical difficulty and ask if she could trouble him to bring the package into the house. The elderly woman and Wang have been in close contact ever since. Not only has he provided a service, but, in a true JD fashion, he frequently goes above and beyond to deliver trust with a warm heart.