Sep 29, 2020|

JD Partners with Xpeng Motors To Install Charging Piles


by Kelly Dawson has signed an agreement with Xpeng Motors, an electric vehicle startup that recently raised $1.5 billion in an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. As part of the agreement, JD Service Plus will provide Xpeng’s customers with integrated and fully managed services for their electric vehicles, including measurement, installation, maintenance and after-sales service of home charging piles, which are typically used for single-vehicle charging.

Xpeng Motors is committed to providing premium services, and its decision to partner with JD Service Plus was taken with care, an Xpeng spokesperson said.

“We were very cautious in choosing a partner for home charging services, because this is an important part of the car owner’s consumer experience,” he said. has signed an agreement with Xpeng Motors

With a fully integrated national service network, efficient response time and standardized high-quality service capability, JD Service Plus is empowering partners by assisting emerging industries in solving common pain points—like the question of how new electric vehicle owners will charge their vehicles with limited space and knowledge about whether their parking garage has the correct conditions for installation, for example.

To address these concerns, JD Service Plus offers “one-click, worry-free services”, with the ability to provide full-scale services across China, including assessment and installation within 72 hours, and repair and maintenance. The company’s fulfillment rate is 100%, with 100% positive feedback. Customers can expect two-year warranty service, and a response from customer service within 1 hour when reporting issues.

Additionally, JD Service Plus will provide intelligent storage management solutions for Xpeng Motors’ household charging piles, relying on the powerful warehousing resources of JD Logistics. The company will be able to arrange goods in advance, and install nearby according to actual demand to ensure faster response times. As demand has increased, after-sales logistics costs have decreased, which means lower costs for consumers too.

electric vehicle owner in Beijing’s Shijingshan District experienced the company’s commitment to premium services first-hand,


On September 28th, one electric vehicle owner in Beijing’s Shijingshan District experienced the company’s commitment to premium services first-hand, when JD Service Plus installed a new home charging pile for his electric vehicle.

“From the preliminary survey site to the installation, the engineers were professional, meticulous and standardized,” said the customer, Mr. Liu. “They even helped me clean up the site after the installation, which made me feel very relieved.” He gave the services a five-star rating.

In recent years, the electric automobile industry has gained more and more attention in China. During this year’s National Two Sessions (National People’s Congress and National People’s Political Consultative Conference), a government work report pointed to the importance of “building charging piles and promoting electric vehicles” as an important component of strengthening the infrastructure of this emerging industry. In response, government entities across China pledged to devote resources toward supporting this goal. This year the State Grid plans to invest RMB 2.7 billion yuan and add 78,000 charging piles with 53,000 in residential areas. Additionally, Shanghai, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan and other places have introduced development plans for household charging piles, introducing supporting policies such as electricity subsidies and simplified procedures.

As a result of the new partnership, JD Service Plus and Xpeng Motors are poised to set a benchmark for high-quality service in this emerging industry.